Welcome to JUMP Studio. It is the heart-child of Kimberly Sirico.
JUMP is about fitness and dance done the fun way.  It is a studio that has become the family away from family for dance lovers and fitness enthusiasts in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area.
Kimberly Sirico and her team of heart-centered fitness instructors lead fun-filled, results-driven classes for their students aka JUMP family.  All of them put their heart into it one step, one jump, one hour at a time.
JUMP knows you are perfect just the way you are, but if you want to lose a few pounds or add some dance moves to your social arsenal and prefer to do it in a warm, friendly and  supportive environment, then you are ready to JUMP.
It takes courage to go for it—your dreams, your goals, your life. You can crawl, walk or run, but there comes a moment when, if you want it, you have to JUMP.
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